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An establishment of a memorial board to general Adam Weide

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Turchaninov (Vasiliev) Alexei Fedorovich


  Турчанинов А.Ф. Некрополь XVIII века  
 Турчанинов Алексей Федорович
Turchaninov (Vasiliev) Alexei Fedorovich 1704-21.03.1787

Foster son and heir to the Urals salt-works owner M.F. Turchaninov whose surname he adopted. Owner of the Syserta mining works in the Urals; altruist and philanthropist, set up a school and a hospital for his workers; founded a museum, library and botanical gardens in Syserta.
The sculptural tombstone, one of the most remarkable monuments in the Russian Classical style, represents allegorical figures of Chronos (symbol of Time) and Virtue near a portrait bust (sculptor LP. Martos, architect N.P. Davydov, 1792.) The pedestal had been decorated with bronze reliefs which were later transferred to the Museum's display yftall.

Russia. St.-Petersburg. The Necropolis of the 18th century.