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An establishment of a memorial board to general Adam Weide

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Dostoyevsky Fedor Mikhailovich


  Dostoyevsky F.M.  

Dostoyevsky Fedor MikhailovichDostoyevsky Fedor Mikhailovich 30.10.1821-28.01.1881

Writer. Started his literary activity in 1846. Three years later was arrested for being a member of M.V. Petrashevsky's revolutionary group and sentenced to death, which was substituted for a five-year penal servitude and posterior service as a private. Returned to St. Petersburg in 1859. Among his world-renowned works are "The Insulted and the Injured", "Crime and Punishment", "Idiot", "The Possessed", "The Karamazov Brothers".

Russia. St. Petersburg. Nectipolis of the Masters of Art

The birthday - on November, 11th
The memory day - on February, 9th

Dostoyevskaya (nee Snitkina) Anna Grigorievna (1846-1918) - wife of FM. Dostoyevsky.

Dostoyevsky Andrei Fedorovich (1908-1968) - grandson of F.M.

Dostoyevsky, founder of the Dostoyevsky Museum in Leningrad.
Granite stele with a cross and a bronze bust. Architect H.K.Vasiliev, sculptor N.A. Laveretsky, 1833


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