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An establishment of a memorial board to general Adam Weide

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Lomonosov Mikhail Vasilievich


 Lomonosov M.V.  

Lomonosov Mikhail VasilievichLomonosov Mikhail Vasilievich 08.11.1711-04.04.1765

Scientist of encyclopedic learning. A.S. Pushkin said about him: "Lomonosov embraced all spheres of Enlightenment. Craving for science was the strongest passion of this heart overfilled with passions. Being a historian, rhetorician, mechanic, chemist, artist and poet, he tried everything and reached everything."
The marble gravestone made in 1760s was the first architectural monument in the St. Petersburg necropolis made in the form of a stele with allegorical reliefs and an epitaph whose text is carved in Latin and Russian. The reliefs symbolize Eloquence (Mercury's baton), Glory (laurel wreath), Science (roll with a feather pen and compasses) and Art (lyre). The monument was made in Carrara by master F.Medico and delivered to Petersburg at the own expense of Count Mikhail Illarionovich Vorontsov (1714-1767).

Russia. St. Petersburg. Necropolis of the XVIII century.

The birthday - on November, 19st
The memory day - on April, 15th


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