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An establishment of a memorial board to general Adam Weide

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Sablukov Nikolai Alexandrovich


  Sablukov Nikolai Alexandrovich 
Sablukov Nikolai AlexandrovichSablukov Nikolai Alexandrovich 01.05.1776-21.06.1848

Hero of the Patriotic War of 1812, memoirist. Son of the senator A.A. Sablukov. Was educated abroad; served in the Cavalry Guards Regiment; after the death of Pavel I he retired as Major-General and lived in England. At the beginning of the Patriotic War joined the Army as a volunteer, took part in many battles and earned Kutuzov's gratitude. After the war went to live abroad, visiting Russia occasionally. Known as one of the well-educated personalities of his time, he was noted for his incorruptible honesty and high moral principles.
Gravestone in the form of a cast-iron stele made by an unknown master in 1840s.
Russia. St.-Petersburg. The Necropolis of the 18th century.

Birthday on May, 1st (on old style).
Day of memory on June, 21st (on old style).


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